Keyboard mapping and vim on OS-X

So I’m on an osX system, climbing the vim-curve.
After completing the ever awesome vimtutor, I went on and started to read the :h user-manual

vim user-manual
vim user-manual

But once here, there was a problem. The user-manual uses tags to navigate the page.
On a normal machine with a ‘normal’ keyboard, read US-qwerty, you’d press CTRL+] to jump to the corresponding tag.
As I’m on a Belgian azerty macbook pro, which uses the French azerty layout, this did not work out.

CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+) would be the regular approach to get the CTRL+] … but that failed.
Turns out, that this is the right way to jump a tag:


It’s for getting rid of this shenanigans that I’d choose a US qwerty keyboard on my next laptop.

Net Neutrality

If you’re not familiar with the title of this post, you should do some reading-up.

Net neutrality (also network neutrality or Internet neutrality) is the principle that Internet service providers and governments should treat all data on the Internet equally, not discriminating or charging differentially by user, content, site, platform, application, type of attached equipment, and modes of communication.

Or as explained by Juice RapNews:

Os as John Oliver puts it: “Preventing Cable Company Fuckery”

As the media reported, the European parliament has voted to protect the net neutrality in the EU.
So is it over?

For now, it seems we’ve won a little battle… But as long as people can gain giant amounts of money by destroying it, net neutrality will always be in danger.
It is with scared eyes I look up on to the US… they might push their (and our) future in the wrong way.

Let us hope there will be an equal to Amelia Anderdotter to lobby for the sake of the internet as we know it!!! (She lost her seat in the EU after the 2014 elections) 🙁

Biting the bullet

It’s a great place to be! I’ve been here some time now, and I, for one, have sure have enjoyed it so far! All the stuff I saw, all the places I’ve been, and all of the people I’ve met… I cherish all of the memories shared with them. But it has to stop now. At least the way I’ve been enjoying it lately. It’s not the same anymore. This place is getting darker by the minute. And I no longer want to be part of all these things that are ruining it.Facebook delete account Continue reading Biting the bullet

30th Chaos Communication Congress – My first

30C3 logo
30C3 logo

After three years having to listen to other people’s stories at the whitespace about how awesome their trip to the CCC event was, it’s finally time!
As opposed to other years, I have no other obligations, and bought a ticket! Booya!

I’ll be in Hamburg from the 26th, so if someone feels like going for a beer together, ping me 🙂

The ‘Fahrplan’ has yet to be completed as I type this. But I couldn’t resist taking a peak and trying to put a personal schedule together.
As it seems, you’ll most likely find me somewhere at the “Security & Safety” or “Hardware & making” tracks…
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Poetry from a stubborn young me

When I was in secondary school, French was not my favorite course.
I failed almost every single french test.
Not due to french being hard, because it really is not, but because I refused to study.
As I was quite a stubborn little brad, all methods to force me to study failed (big time).
As a last resort, my (awesome) mom threw in a deal:
If I was to pass my french exam, I could go on some cool trips during the vacation following that exam-period.
If I was to fail my french exam, I would have to participate in french language courses instead.
Long story short, it turned out: Me going to a lot of french language courses over these years.

During one of these courses, we had to write a poem… in french.
At that time, this young (±14y-old) stubborn little fellow, still not willing to put a lot of effort into whatever cruel french-teaching tactics they would force on him.
We had to write a poem about love, in one hour, and I didn’t want to do it.
I just wrote down what came up in my head at that time.

Reading this poem again after all these years, I think it is marvelous.

Je n’ai pas envie d’ecrire un poème
Le sujet?
Ce n’est pas la mème

On doit écrire sur l’amour
Pendant un seul cours

Ce n’est pas pratique
Parce que je sais rien
De la romantique!

Sunglasses – RB8307

I’ve treated my eyes on quite some time behind topquality  wide colorful computer screens.
Over time, as a return present, they’ve developed some kind of superpower:
Whenever my eyes are in contact with summer-sunlight, I get Ray Charles vision…

As I’m waiting for the piano-playing powers, I decided to be prepared for when that talent kicks in and go buy sunglasses.
Too bad Billy Stickles’ designs are’t for (affordable) sale no more.
So I went for Ray Ban, as it also has some Ray in it.
Don’t be confused here… Ray Ban has absolutely nothing to do with Ray Charles.
Ray Ban makes products that ban sun-rays from your eyes…

I used to know only one kind of sunglasses: That pair of glasses that are darkened to deflect sun.
Turns out they have quite some types.
These are the groups I manage to distinguish now:

  •  Cheap sunglasses ( < 10 euros) : They make everything look dark. Are made of light non-durable plastic and don’t live to see another year.
  • Expensive sunglasses (50 – 150 euros) : They make everything look dark. There come with excessive branding-powers, have a box fully printed with the finest of marketing farms.
  • Ultra expensive sunglasses ( 150 – 3500 euros) : They make every product look as good as on the commercials. Come with excessive branding-powers, have a box fully printed with the finest of marketing farms. Give you the power to brag about the price-tag of your eyewear to nearly 99% of the people you’ll encounter while wearing it. Almost all of them have something about airplanes in their descripton. They come with more technical specs than you get when you go out to buy a computer. They make you panic every 2 minutes when you can’t feel/see them where you left them (tshirt, pocket, wherenot…).

I ended up with the third kind.
Yes, this is the bragging part.
I went for the Ray Ban  RB8307 aka Ray-Ban® “Aviator™” TECH” and a bunch of letters and numbers…

Ray Ban – RB8307

I did actually buy them because, they were the only sunglasses that fitted my face… (It’s became too fat).
Only by googling it, I found out that a part of it is made of Carbon Fiber…
Why would someone care about Carbon Fiber in his sunglasses? Because regular plastic or rubber is too heavy? What’s next? Silk? Or is that not expensive enough?

One of the options is a polarized lens with anti-reflective technology and a hydro-oleophobic coating…
I have to say, this is the first time I have bought polarized sunglasses… and it’s awesome.
All LCD displays you look at, look like an LSD party on their own.
All the other things look just beautiful, not just darkened.

I learned that the Hydro-oleophobic coat is actually something that my Samsung Galaxy SII and iPhone have as well… they are scared of fat.
To be honest… Never noticed it on any of these products. They all have greasy  fingerprints all over them.

Conclusion: They are over-expensive for just a set of sunglasses. But they do whatever I expected them to do… Give my eyes a break whenever the sun gets out.
I think the cheaper polarized models will do the job just as fine. But they didn’t fit me as well as this one.