Keyboard mapping and vim on OS-X

So I’m on an osX system, climbing the vim-curve.
After completing the ever awesome vimtutor, I went on and started to read the :h user-manual

vim user-manual
vim user-manual

But once here, there was a problem. The user-manual uses tags to navigate the page.
On a normal machine with a ‘normal’ keyboard, read US-qwerty, you’d press CTRL+] to jump to the corresponding tag.
As I’m on a Belgian azerty macbook pro, which uses the French azerty layout, this did not work out.

CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+) would be the regular approach to get the CTRL+] … but that failed.
Turns out, that this is the right way to jump a tag:


It’s for getting rid of this shenanigans that I’d choose a US qwerty keyboard on my next laptop.

Biting the bullet

It’s a great place to be! I’ve been here some time now, and I, for one, have sure have enjoyed it so far! All the stuff I saw, all the places I’ve been, and all of the people I’ve met… I cherish all of the memories shared with them. But it has to stop now. At least the way I’ve been enjoying it lately. It’s not the same anymore. This place is getting darker by the minute. And I no longer want to be part of all these things that are ruining it.Facebook delete account Continue reading Biting the bullet