Poetry from a stubborn young me

When I was in secondary school, French was not my favorite course.
I failed almost every single french test.
Not due to french being hard, because it really is not, but because I refused to study.
As I was quite a stubborn little brad, all methods to force me to study failed (big time).
As a last resort, my (awesome) mom threw in a deal:
If I was to pass my french exam, I could go on some cool trips during the vacation following that exam-period.
If I was to fail my french exam, I would have to participate in french language courses instead.
Long story short, it turned out: Me going to a lot of french language courses over these years.

During one of these courses, we had to write a poem… in french.
At that time, this young (±14y-old) stubborn little fellow, still not willing to put a lot of effort into whatever cruel french-teaching tactics they would force on him.
We had to write a poem about love, in one hour, and I didn’t want to do it.
I just wrote down what came up in my head at that time.

Reading this poem again after all these years, I think it is marvelous.

Je n’ai pas envie d’ecrire un poème
Le sujet?
Ce n’est pas la mème

On doit écrire sur l’amour
Pendant un seul cours

Ce n’est pas pratique
Parce que je sais rien
De la romantique!