Twirssi error: Timestamp out of bounds

I just found my twirssi inactive. 
When loading the script and authenticating with oath enabled, I got the error:

-!- Irssi: Error in script twirssi:
Timestamp out of bounds

This is (most likely) the result of a wrong system date/time.
Quite easy to solve, just sync it to an NTP server.
Open a terminal and enter:


Try to load the script again and login.
All should be fine now.

Why you should read your ISP’s Custommers Conduct Code

The idea:

Install ConnectBot on my HTC Hero, connect to my home ssh server to hook up with my Screen session.
‘Why?’ you ask? Because we can!

The process:

  1. Create a DynDNS account
  2. Configure my router to automatically update the DynDNS service
  3. Set up the ssh daemon on my desktop
  4. Set up the screen session and configure irssi
  5. Forwarded the default ssh port (22) to my desktop PC which has a fixed IP
  6. Drink a coffee.
  7. Added the credentials needed to the ConnectBot’s configuration

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