Microsoft’s is running on Linux servers

Ok, Windows Server 2003 was great, and Windows Server 2008 is even greater, as told by Microsoft @ the It-pro days in Ghent (Belgium) 2 years ago.
So, we’re going flat on the assumption that they’re using their own ‘great’ server technology for their own good.
After all, according to their website, Windows Server is cheaper, safer and better than any other technology around.

But wait, what’s this?


As a search page should be quick, secure and efficient I agree you should use Linux, but I never saw this one coming!
Other searches for microsoft results in different linux hosted services beneath the domain. (This one is even hosted on Ubuntu)

I know the saying: “Keep your friends close, but your enemy’s closer” (not sure who came up with this slogan), but this is way too funny!

How Jesus should be displayed by the church! [comic]

Until recently, my favorite comic figures were Spawn and Witchblade, but now there is another member… J. Christ.
He’s awesome!
If you doubt this, you should read the bi-weekly web comic by Eric Peterson and Ethan Nicolle: Jesus Christ: In the Name of the Gun.
In short, J.Christ has an argue with his dad (God) about all the bad things he didn’t prevent from happening on earth.
So he decides to solve all these things all by himself. The problem he’s wiping out in the first comic, are nazi’s.
How he’s achieving this, and his suffering by doing so are just… amazing.
This could be the new way of displaying J.Christ in a few hundred years, when the church has ‘modernized’.
By taking this as an example, they could get more followers for sure!
But for now, I’ll stay a proud pastafarian.

Here’s a little taste:

Page 8
J. Christ – In the name of the Gun (Page 8)

The guys from Gentoo did it again!

Lots of hardcore hackers use Gentoo as their favourite distribution.
Mind to interpret hackers in the correct way!
This results in the a very strong technical support base, lots of nice tweaks and awesome hacks.
Sometimes the hacks they release are quite nuts.

What did you think of using the RAM on your Graphics card as swap space or RAM disk?
I wonder how this guy got this idea.
I cant think of a decent purpose for this.
Doesn’t matter… this hack is awesome!

LFS 6.5 Released

The new LFS 6.5 is released.
Although I never tried it, it’s intriguing me (a lot).
Not just because it’s a geeky thing to do, but because it’s the best way to understand how linux works.
To erase all confusion here,LFS is not a distribution, it’s a guide.
A 314 pages (and counting) book written by Gerard Beekmans.

I tried a number of distributions and could not decide on any one. They were great systems in their own right. It
wasn’t a matter of right and wrong anymore. It had become a matter of personal taste. With all that choice available,
it became apparent that there would not be a single system that would be perfect for me. So I set out to create my
own Linux system that would fully conform to my personal preferences.
To truly make it my own system, I resolved to compile everything from source code instead of using pre-compiled binary packages.

Whenever I have some spare time…
But for now, I’m quite happy with my Ubuntu.

My first Elder Dragon Highlander

Ok, I recently discovered this awesome unofficial Magic The Gathering format.
For those who don’t know Magic The Gathering: It’s an awesome (but expensive) trading-card game.
Usually when you play Magic, you use a Deck of 60 cards.
And you can use each (non-land) card up to 4 times.

An EDH Deck consists out of 100 cards and each (non-land) card should have a unique (english) card-name.
So you can’t use the same card twice.
In this format, I can play longer with the same deck, without getting the routine-feeling.
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