Microsoft’s is running on Linux servers

Ok, Windows Server 2003 was great, and Windows Server 2008 is even greater, as told by Microsoft @ the It-pro days in Ghent (Belgium) 2 years ago.
So, we’re going flat on the assumption that they’re using their own ‘great’ server technology for their own good.
After all, according to their website, Windows Server is cheaper, safer and better than any other technology around.

But wait, what’s this?


As a search page should be quick, secure and efficient I agree you should use Linux, but I never saw this one coming!
Other searches for microsoft results in different linux hosted services beneath the domain. (This one is even hosted on Ubuntu)

I know the saying: “Keep your friends close, but your enemy’s closer” (not sure who came up with this slogan), but this is way too funny!

10 thoughts on “Microsoft’s is running on Linux servers”

  1. Bing does give search results much like Google but i would have to say that Google still gives more relevant search results

  2. That’s quite normal.
    Bing is some quite new product. They combined the fine search algorithm’s from yahoo with the crappy ones from the msn search.
    That’s one big draw-back.

    Google has been around for a long time now.
    With their various plugins for websites and web-browsers, they’ve got a much wider range of data sources they can analyze.
    Google has all the things a good crawler should need and it has an easy to use and familiar front-end!

  3. i have been using the BING search engine for a couple of weeks. it seems to be as good as Google but for some reason i would still want to stick with Google search engine

  4. i am us ing both Bing and Google and i think both search engines give relevant search results. i would still prefer Google though, because it gives a little bit more relevant search results than Bing.

  5. BING search engine is just as good as Google. In my own personal experience, Google does give more releveant search result than Bing but the difference is very small. **

  6. my default search engine is Yahoo but now i am using BING because it is much better than Yahoo. i heard that Bing search engine would power Yahoo search also.

  7. i think that Bing is not as good as Google. Google would still index new websites faster than Bing. Microsoft would still need a lot of catching to do with GoogleBot.

  8. Hi, I found this post while searching for help with fixing Microsoft Silverlight. I have recently changed internet browser from Chrome to Microsoft IE 6. Just recently I seem to have a issue with loading sites that use Microsoft Silverlight. Everytime I go on a website that requires Microsoft Silverlight, my browser doesn’t load and I get a “npctrl.dll” error. I cannot seem to find out how to fix the problem. Any help getting Microsoft Silverlight to function is very appreciated! Thanks

  9. This is incredible and funny as nothing else out there! So Microsoft says their Windows servers are the best but they're using Linux after all. Can't they find a solution to use their own products?
    Lilia Gephardt @ Reseller hosting

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