How Jesus should be displayed by the church! [comic]

Until recently, my favorite comic figures were Spawn and Witchblade, but now there is another member… J. Christ.
He’s awesome!
If you doubt this, you should read the bi-weekly web comic by Eric Peterson and Ethan Nicolle: Jesus Christ: In the Name of the Gun.
In short, J.Christ has an argue with his dad (God) about all the bad things he didn’t prevent from happening on earth.
So he decides to solve all these things all by himself. The problem he’s wiping out in the first comic, are nazi’s.
How he’s achieving this, and his suffering by doing so are just… amazing.
This could be the new way of displaying J.Christ in a few hundred years, when the church has ‘modernized’.
By taking this as an example, they could get more followers for sure!
But for now, I’ll stay a proud pastafarian.

Here’s a little taste:

Page 8
J. Christ – In the name of the Gun (Page 8)