My first Elder Dragon Highlander

Ok, I recently discovered this awesome unofficial Magic The Gathering format.
For those who don’t know Magic The Gathering: It’s an awesome (but expensive) trading-card game.
Usually when you play Magic, you use a Deck of 60 cards.
And you can use each (non-land) card up to 4 times.

An EDH Deck consists out of 100 cards and each (non-land) card should have a unique (english) card-name.
So you can’t use the same card twice.
In this format, I can play longer with the same deck, without getting the routine-feeling.

Here’s what my deck is made of:

It still needs a lot of card-replacements. But as I prefer to play non-proxy (self printed cards) this is the best I could do atm.
Also note that this is a multi-player based format, so this deck is intended to play on a slow and passive pace.

If you’d like to suggest other cards, feel free to do so 😉

Edit: I used these EDH rules.

4 thoughts on “My first Elder Dragon Highlander”

  1. Sygg, River Cutthroat is an excellent general for multiplayer EDH decks, you are taking advantage of other players hurting eachother. A good card for this deck would probably be Rod of Ruin, for times when some player gets hurt for 2 damage and you want to add another damage to make it three. Prodigal Sorcerer does the same thing. Most of your creatures are good choices, except maybe Cinderbones. I’d replace it with Mulldrifter for instance, which is basically a must-play card if you’re playing blue. Most of your sorceries/instants look kind of weak. No Capsize?

    Good choice on Shizo, Death’s Storehouse, was going to recommend it until I saw it was already in the list!

    Good luck with the deck! I’m currently building a Sharuum the Hegemon EDH deck, when I feel it’s ready for testing and if I have the time, maybe I’ll come over to OPG some time!

    1. Hey Laurens,
      It’s nice to have you post such a positive comment.
      I was expecting much worse 😀
      I have to say, as I hate proxy-cards I try to play with the cards I have.
      So there are actually quite a lot of cards I’d like to replace, but I’ll update this page ifI do.

      Next time I’m going to OPA, i’ll give you a call. Hope you’re not in Egypte that day 😉

  2. You might wanna note that some play EDH with the restriction that only the General can be legendary!

  3. The only problem with EDH is that it’s not an official format, thus it has no official rules.
    The thing is, most of the time you’ll be playing with the same pool of people.
    So the used rulings will be set in this pool.
    The restricted lists differ a lot when you’ll look them up on the forums of other groups.
    But I guess the one we tend to use, and quite a lot of other people do so, is:

    I’ve never seen a EDH without Legendary creatures in it, so it sounds like a rare used rule.

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