Nasty little OpenSSH Bug

So I’ve been using my Targa NT9231 as a home sever (Running Ubuntu 10.10 server edition) for a while now.
It’s been serving several purposes such as internal webserver, irssi, monitoring and tunneling/proxy server.

As all wise people should do, I’ve been using OpenSSH to connect to it.
Solely  connected to it from my netbook, as my desktop Ubuntu computer died after the purchase of a new ATI (curse you) Graphics card.
But now, I managed to revive my desktop (yay!) and wanted to log in on my server.
Setted up the key and wanted to transfer it to my authorized hosts file… but that gave me a bloody error:

Permission denied (publickey).

So I started to digg around and checked filepermissions, ssh_config file etc… But all seemed ok.
But then I found this little nasty openSSH Bug on launchpad.

Simply running “ssh-add” on the client fixed the problem!

Ssh-add adds identities to the authentication agent, sshagent. When run without arguments, it adds the file %HOME%/.ssh/identity. Alternative file names can be given on the command line. If any file requires a passphrase, ssh-add asks for the passphrase from the user.

I’m not sure how this could’ve helped, but hey, its a workaround that actually works 🙂

Ubuntu Server on VirtualBox returns error This kernel requires the following features not present on the cpu: 0:6

I installed Ubuntu Server 8.04 inside a VirtualBox (v 2.4.1_OSE) virtual machine.
The installation went smooth, but when I wanted to boot into my Ubuntu Server, it returned the following error right after GRUB:

This kernel requires the following features not present on the cpu: 0:6
Unable to boot – please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU

Screenshot or it didn’t happen?

Ubuntu Server on VirtualBox returns error

How to solve:

This can be easily resolved by enabling the PAE/NX option in the virtual machine’s settings.
This will expose the PAE of your CPU to the virtual machine.


  1. go to the homescreen of Virtualbox
  2. select your virtual machine
  3. click the ‘settings’ button on top of the screen
  4. click the tab ‘Advanced’
  5. check the box next to ‘PAE/NX’

Like in this screenshot:

Screenshot-testserver - Settings-1

Now, you can fire up your virtual machine again, and it will start up without this error.

Keypad not working in Ubuntu 9.04

numkeyjpgAfter I installed Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty) I noted that my keypad didn’t work anymore.
I never searched to fix this bug as I’m not using it that often. (The top-row number are far more efficient to use)
My first laptop (dell latitude d820) made me learn how to work without the numeric part. Afterwards, this was not such a bad thing. Typing without using the keypad makes typing much quicker. You should give it a try some day!

But now my girlfriend wanted to use my computer to do some internet banking, which uses quite a lot of numeric digits to get authorized, and thus I have to fix it.
It seems like this is a problem in
This bug has already been registered on Launchpad with the number #197589.
The quick work around is disabling the “Pointer can be controlled using the keypad”-option in your keyboard settings.
Or just disable it by hitting “Ctrl + Alt + Num Lock”
There, that solved the problem… not that hard, but handy to know 😉