Linus Torvalds trolling in front of Windows 7 booth

This is a way too funny picture, if you know that guy in the picture. Not the Japanese guy!
The man kneeling in front of the Windows 7 booth is no one less than Linus Torvalds, the godfather of the Linux kernel.

The picture was taken at the Linux Symposium in Japan yesterday.
At the same day as the Linux Symposium took place, some funny guy (from
Yodobashi Camera)  had no better idea to start a Windows 7 release booth just at the other side of the street.
I can imagine how much impression he made on the FOSS minded people.
There was little planning going on before starting the booth. According to me, they thought: Hmm conference, lots of people, lots of sales…
Would be nice to know his actual sales-numbers.

The guy fro the store clearly doesn’t know what’s going on 🙂
Mark my words, this picture will be around for a long time.

Nice trolling there Linus!