Running a virtual machine on Ubuntu 9.04

Ever wanted to test something on another platform than the current one you’re on?
Needed to take screenshots of a windows environment  while having a *nix-only network?
Then you might consider running the extra OS as a guest in a virtual machine.

There are lots of different ways to do this on Ubuntu.
You might want to use VMware, Xen, KVM, Iguest, rhyp, UML, qemu, OpenVZ, … catch my drift? 😉 Continue reading Running a virtual machine on Ubuntu 9.04

How many times did you pay for an unused OS?

When you buy a computer from a know merchant, it comes with a pre-loaded OS (mostly Microsoft’s Windows).
And yes, you pay for it. But “‘what if” you don’t use it? Is it possible to buy a OS-free system? Continue reading How many times did you pay for an unused OS?

Starting the trip…

After a hard time deciding where to host my stuff, I’m finaly ready to air.

The first step in creating a personal internetspot is having something interesting to share.
So I’m going to share… ugh… let’s skip the first step there.
The main purpose of this blog is to teach myself some cool things. And when I succeed, I’ll share some of my knowledge.
In the meanwhile, you’ll be able to follow my blog-hopping habit.

The second step is setting up the CMS.
For a few day’s I was thinking on writing my own, and it remained that way for those few days.
That’s why you’re looking at a WordPress blog right now 🙂

I’ll try to create a theme some more of my own in the near future, but untill then I’ll use the “ubuntued theme“.

Suggestions are welcome!