[FSF]: Stand up for your freedom to install free software

Stand up for your freedom to install free software — Free Software Foundation — working together for free software.

When done correctly, “Secure Boot” is designed to protect against malware by preventing computers from loading unauthorized binary programs when booting. In practice, this means that computers implementing it won’t boot unauthorized operating systems — including initially authorized systems that have been modified without being re-approved.

The biggest issue with the “Secure Boot” system, is that it’ll create a vendor-lockin. This has been seen with the android system as well, but it’ll be Microsft pulling the strings on this one.

Some other interesting reads on Secure Boot:



One thought on “[FSF]: Stand up for your freedom to install free software”

  1. 2 things come to my mind:

    1) About time Windows jumped over to EFI! Faster boot times and extra security, ahoy!

    2) GPLv3 really screwed the users by requiring the signing keys are always provided.. If it didn’t this wouldn’t have been such a problem.

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