New screen

Today, I bought my second 22″ Widescreen (Medion) monitor for only €150.
With its maximum resolution of 1680×1050, contrast of 1000:1 and a 5 ms reaction speed, it makes just a simple yet perfect addition to my desk.
This is one of the devices that just does the trick.
If I had spend 35 Euro more, I could have bought a Full-HD 23″ monitor from samsung… but I just can’t find a purpose for the Full-HD function and the 23″ would denigrate my other (also a 22″) screen.
It’s main purpose will be browsing, coding and a little bit gaming or designing.

I’m proud to present, my new screen (middle) functioning as a second screen for my portable (Dell Latitude D820).


I had to disable Compis Fusion on my laptop so that I could disable screen monitoring on the dual-head.