40th International 100 km Kadee Dodentocht!

dodentochtTomorrow starts the 40th edition of the “Dodentocht” (translatable as death-march).
I’m not planning on joining the festivity’s, as I have to work, but there is someone I know that will participate.
My very own mother will be walking the whole thing.
I know she’ll walk the whole thing, even if that means a near-death experience.
I just know because she’s too stubborn to give up on herself. 😉
But that’s not the only thing… she just love to walk.
Her boots were made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do…

So now that I’ve said I’m proud of her, there is another nice thing that’s quite neat on this walk-event.
They have this tracking system on their site that’s quite awesome.
It’s probably not the first tracking system that you’ve seen, but this is for a walk-event with nearly 10 000 participants.
I wonder how they’ll keep the data up to date!

I wish all the participants all the best and a lot of fun, especially my mother 😉
If you’re reading this, and you’ll be there I hope you’ll also cheer a little when my mom passes by…. (she’ll like it) 🙂

Edit: She did the whole tour and won a pineapple!