No more struggling with repository’s

reposearchAs everyone already knows, you should take a backup before changing something in Ubunut/linux.
But as we all forget sometimes, we’re off on a quest to find the standard file.
For example, the /etc/apt/sources.list file is one the most wanted files on the internet.
People tend to add repository’s, change the servers, clean out the unwanted stuff and most of all: break it!
I still remember the horror I brought to myself in the old days…
Now I can always fall back to my .back files 😉

Apparently I wasn’t the only one that noted the load of requests on the forums.
On the blog, the admin published a very neat source.list generator for Ubuntu.
It let’s you select not only your county, branch, and other basic repository items, but also includes third-pary repo’s such as Skype and Virtualbox.

I’m sure this tool will prevent a lot of people losing way too much time on searching for the right repository’s.