I’m organizing a release-party for the Ubuntu-be community @Curieuze Neuze in Ghent.
So far it’s not yet confirmed to go on 🙁
I’ve got a meeting with Philip (the owner) next Saturday 25/04 to ask him if we can get it happen there, and exchange our expectations.
So far it has been announced on the ubunu-be mailing list, and discussed on #ubuntu-be (freenode).

Interested people can still vote for a date on doodle.This party is not intended for people new to Linux.
It’s not that we don’t want those people to come, but merely a matter of not the right time & place for it because we will not be equipped to give demo’s or info-sessions.
If you’re new to linux or ubuntu and want to know more about it, you can always keep an eye on the FutureEvents section of our wikipage.
For example: The IndyMedia release-party is open for people seeking information on Linux/Ubuntu.

That said.. it’s 12:05 AM -> the Jaunty final release is off the leash!

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