Jaunty Release-Party Ghent 09/05

I’m glad to announce:

On the 9th of may, there will be a Jaunty release party in Ghent! (free entrance)

First Promo Poster

The goal(s):

  • to provide general information on Ubuntu, Linux & FOSS, and show them you don’t need to be a pro to start using it
  • guiding people trough the sea of alternatives for proprietary software such as MS Office, Live Messenger, Photoshop, Publisher, Windows Media Player, Picture managers,…
  • help people getting Ubuntu installed on their laptop if they bring one along
  • show each-other nice tweaks you’ve got up your sleeves or admire the work of others
  • demo’s on how to use Ubuntu in an efficient way
  • introducing people to the Ubuntu-be LoCo-team! Let them know what we do, how they benefit & help.
  • hand out Ubuntu cd’s

Promo PosterThe Audience:

  • Everybody is welcome! Young people, old people, Dutch people, French people and of course all the other people, yes that means YOU!
    The talks will be kept easy to understand and not-technical so it will be a nice place to get in touch with Ubuntu, even for computer illiterates.
  • We’ll expect at least 25 people, and I personally hope on a 40 to 50 people to show up.


This event will take place in the Curieuze Neuze.
This is a resto/pub with on the upper floor a room that’s used as a showroom for artists.

Curieuze Neuze
Brusselsesteenweg 412
9000 Ghent
Easy to reach by tram & bus from the train station. (line 21)


This event is totally free of charge!!!!!!!!
You only have to pay for the drinks & food.
We’ll even provide the Ubuntu CD’s for free!

Yes there will be food!

It’s possible to get some delicious fresh food! It’s appreciated if you let us know what you would like 5 days in advance.
But this sure is not required. You can still order it on the spot. (it’s just to make it a little easier for the owner).
You can find the Menu & prices (except for the dish of the day) here.

Subscription is not needed but please let us know if you come or not. By doing this we can take the necessairy steps to make it a more comfortable evening for everyone.

Subscribe now!

We still need:

  • people eager to show some cool and not too technically advanced stuff
  • someone to talk about how they integrate(d) Ubuntu, Linux and FOSS in a successful business model
  • as many people as we can to promote this event on the work-floor, family, school, social networking sites, forums, etc…
  • people to let us know what they expect.

More info:

I’ll hope to see you there!

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