Are Linux users more Cat people than Windows users?

While browsing the internet for the past years, I’ve encountered quite a lot of websites around cats.
Some are even single service sites, such as icanhascheezburger,lolcats, etc…
So cats are, according to me, more popular than any other animal within the internet community. Even if google disagrees.

The cat

Most hackers I’ve encountered on the internet or IRL are cat-owners.
Most of the linux/mac users I know tend to read more books or articles on IT/science than they watch TV.
They’re most of the time, relatively young people (<45 years old) and tend to live in smaller apartments.
This group of people is also more daring. They’ll change whatever is needed when it could benefit them.
I wonder if they have a cat, because they tend to have the same characteristics?
They are very loyal, don’t let themselves get ordered around, and they’re smart.

Whereas dog’s are also loyal, they’re like puppets. They’ll do whatever you’ll command them, as long as you give them food.
All dog-owners I know, have no interests in computer related stuff.
They tend to try live the perfect picture.
Having a job they can’t take home, a house with a garden and a nice little family.
They are usually the types of people watching a lot of soaps and reading local newspapers.
This group has also a higher average age.
These people are also less daring, they prefer to stick to the known and won’t try to change whatever they’re used to.

This is no offence to dog-owners, they just seem to have a verry different life-style.

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